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Dental Full Contour Crown Free Cource
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Dental Full Contour Crown Free Cource

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Dental Full Contour Crown [Free Courses]

Our learning concept

With a constant stream of new scientific discoveries, clinical reports and innovations, keeping up with the world of dental implants is challenging. So we have teamed up to design a range of dental implant training courses on the latest advances.

Our learning concept often includes lectures with prominent specialists blended with live surgery, video demonstrations and hands-on training. Theory put into practice so you can use your new knowledge faster and more effectively.

But we hope our dental implant courses go beyond knowledge. We hope you will be inspired to find new ways of approaching everyday work situations. And new ways to inspire your team members. Inspiration breeds inspiration.

The attention you deserve during your training

Having world-renowned professors, specialists and clinicians as teachers is only one part of truly top-class dental implant training. It’s also about giving attendees a great learning experience.

We frequently provide opportunities for you to assist actual dental procedures. And to make sure you get the attention you deserve, there is a set limit to the number of attendees at many of our courses.

CE Credits

When attending a dental implant course , CE Credits will be awarded.

Course Contents :
Step-by-step preparation of dental teeth
(Scanning --> Design --> Machining --> Sintering --> Coloring)

Course period :
5-7 days at China Well known Dentistry Lab

For more information:-
Tel : 013-9341595 @ 012-6207883 @ 03-92055282 (During office hours)

EH Global @ Touch D.I.Y
Block 10-8-8, Queen's Avenue, Jalan Bayam,
Off Jalan Peel, Cheras 55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Business Hour:
Monday - Friday 9am-6.30pm

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