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EGX-20 Used Unit Promotions !

EGX-20 Used Unit Promotions !

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Weight: 15 kg, 0 grams
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With the introduction of the EGX-20 engraving machine by Roland, now anyone can have access to a super easy to operate portable engraving machine. No matter how new you are to the world of engraving (or not!), Roland has ensured that the EGX-20 engraver is as user friendly as possible.

- Extremely user friendly
- Portable engraving machine, size is suitable for a desktop
- Active Surface Tracking (AST) for consistent and uniform engraving
- Joystick and dial controls make for an intuitive user experience and seamless operation
- Includes engraving software
- Strong 15,000-rpm spindle
- Maximum work area 8” x 6” x 1.25”
- Optional diamond scraper and burnishing attachment
- Ports: USB/Serial port
- Factory Warranty: 1 year

Price : RM6500 including GST and free Clamping Vise !!!

* Last Unit left, Only available for walk in *